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“Four Seasons One Dalton – Lightning Protection System”

On August 26th, One Dalton stood tall in the Boston skyline as lightning illuminated the night sky. Many admired the view of our building from a distance, sharing photos such as the one found below across their personal social media channels and the Internet.

To no one’s surprise, One Dalton’s lights did not even blink. The building’s sophisticated architecture and infrastructure were designed with safety as the top priority. No detail has been overlooked, including its advanced weather protections and pioneering Lightning Protection System.

One Dalton’s Lightning Protection System is the result of an unparalleled level of engineering and experience in the development of grounding, lightning protection, and surge protection. It ensures that lightning has a safe, dedicated pathway into the ground, all while protecting the building’s power feeders and telecommunications.

Two triads of three copper grounding rods, each that extend 10’ below the earth’s surface, connect to two copper conductors that run up the height of the building. These conductors link to the system’s interceptor, which is crafted to provide a greater zone of protection and a safe path for lightning to travel beneath the ground, where its currents dispel. The interceptor is a key component of our system — it has heightened capabilities to generate a controlled magnitude and frequency pulses at its tip to capture and absorb lightning most efficiently and effectively.

One Dalton, designed by the late legendary Henry Cobb, of Pei Cobb Freed & Partners, in collaboration with CambridgeSeven, has been praised for its architectural significance and lasting contributions to the Boston skyline. One Dalton is a spectacular building that sets the standard for luxury living in Boston, and the property’s intricate internal systems and engineering match the excellence we aim to achieve every day.

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