New England’s tallest residential building provides the perfect, world class location for this internationally acclaimed restaurant.

When restaurant Zuma arrives at One Dalton, bringing its internationally acclaimed style of modern Japanese cuisine to town, Boston will become part of a notable food story that’s been unfolding globally for the last 15 years. Starting in London in 2002, Zuma changed the game with its signature culinary approach – showcasing that bold flavors and simple presentation, combined with an environment of sophisticated and stellar service not only worked, but wowed. Devotees fill the original location, as well as sites in select cities around the world and soon, Boston.

Zuma found the matchless location it was seeking in Boston within One Dalton. According to Zuma’s Creator & Co-Founder Rainer Becker, Boston has been firmly in his sights, “I visited Boston a few years ago and loved the city. It’s very cosmopolitan, multi-cultural and has a vibrant dining scene which we want to be a part of. It felt like the right fit for Zuma”.

Likewise, Richard L. Friedman, President and CEO of Carpenter & Company, the project’s developer, discovered the restaurateur aligned with his vision to offer a premier dining and highly social experience that would set this building apart, noting, “No detail has been overlooked in the creation of One Dalton, from its innovative collaboration of architecture, design, and craftsmanship — Zuma is proof that Chef Rainer shares that sensibility.”

Delivering an exceptional experience is a Zuma hallmark, a trait engineered in from the onset. Growing up in Germany, young chef Rainer Becker’s uncompromising attention to detail and unstoppable enthusiasm quickly became the driving force of his career. Gracing numerous prestigious kitchens in Germany, he honed a skill set that led to a stint as Executive Chef of the Park Hyatt Sydney where he spent two hugely successful years, before taking his craft to the Park Hyatt Tokyo, where he launched all five restaurants as Executive Chef and remained for six years.

While in Japan, Becker identified with the demand for excellence and respectful discipline that defines Japanese cuisine, from street food to Kaiseki. From this, an idea that would become his global vision was formed – a concept that centered on providing a relaxed dining and drinking style that uniquely embraces every element of Japanese cooking under one roof. Drawing from this ideology, Zuma arrives as an elegant and contemporary environment offering a modern Japanese dining experience that is authentic, but not traditional.

Dishes – designed to be shared – are created in three different cooking styles: the main kitchen, the sushi counter, and the robata grill offer a variety of textures and tastes. An exciting range of drinks perfectly pairs with the cuisine, with a beverage list including heritage cocktails, non-alcoholic libations, Zuma creations, and a diverse (and deep) selection of sake and wine. Guests can also expect to see a touch of local flavor on the menu as it evolves. “We are very much about integrating into the local community,” Sven Koch, Executive Officer of Azumi Group, shares. Complementing the food and beverage program, is Zuma’s contemporary and stylish interior. Designed by Noriyoshi Muramatsu of Tokyo-based Studio Glitt, Zuma Boston will capture the style and elegance of Zuma worldwide, yet will embrace elements exclusive to Boston, including channeling the warmth of the city.

In addition to its food Zuma is famous for its high energy bar scene where One Dalton homeowners, restaurant patrons, and Boston’s elite will enjoy beverages before and post dining. By elevating all the elements to a different level, Zuma climbs to the top of everyone’s list and incites the kind of praise typically reserved for more traditional, white-cloth restaurants. The accolades – like “food that haunts the palate” – keep coming, and ensure must-visit status to Zuma locations around the world.

Catching up with Koch, there’s a humbleness about their success – as if it’s simply innate. Perhaps there’s truth in that: working closely with creator and co-founder, Rainer Becker, the pair share an incredible understanding and fundamental appreciation of the core values of the group. “It really comes down to three key factors,” Koch tells us, “Good food, good service, and the energy of the restaurant.” And while in anyone else’s hands this could be too simplistic, for Zuma it’s the perfect distillation of what makes their formula work.

“As a company, we are quite a rarity,” Koch explains. “Rainer, is incredibly talented and engineers every element of the restaurant. Whether it’s the food, the design, the lighting, the music or the service, everything is scrutinized. This attention to detail has been instilled in all of us – so we treat the whole restaurant as a single entity where every element has equal importance. Trust me,” he quips, “Sometimes, it takes days to get the right lighting.”

We do trust. In fact, indications are that Zuma will be as exceptional here as it is elsewhere – if not more so. Rising in concert with Boston’s newest landmark, One Dalton Four Seasons Hotel and Private Residences, Koch says there will be a unique synergy between the two. “The Four Seasons is one of the most preeminent hospitality companies in the world. We share a drive to be the very best. That makes coming to Boston very exciting for us.”

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