An Interview with Tracy Campion, Exclusive Sales Agent for One Dalton

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Tracy Campion recently to discuss One Dalton, the city’s premier residential address, about how it is changing the luxury real estate market in Boston.

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Tracy Campion recently to discuss One Dalton, the city’s premier residential address, about how it is changing the luxury real estate market in Boston.

Ms. Campion has earned an impeccable reputation, having been named one of the top ten real estate professionals in the US, as well as being Boston’s top broker for the past nine years, personally overseeing $2.1 billion in residential sales.

We are pleased to share her thoughts with you.

Q: Boston has always been an international city with world-class universities, museums, hospitals and financial institutions. But recently, it has been deemed the third most popular American city for luxury homebuyers in the global market. What is behind this trend?

A: Being born and bred here, I feel Boston has always been regarded as a world-class city—certainly for the things you mention. Until now, it’s been staid and less showy than say, Manhattan, and left the sophisticated buyer underwhelmed. But the boom in luxury residential and commercial building downtown has changed all of that. Add to that more direct domestic and international flights to the city and we have seen our global exposure grow at a remarkable pace. Once here visitors experience a culturally rich, safe, walkable city. And thanks to our preservation groups, old and new architecture cohabitate in harmony. The addition of One Dalton to the Back Bay raises both the luxury lifestyle and architecture bars and ultimately the city’s appeal.

Q: In the past, the luxury real estate market has attracted many non-resident investors. How is One Dalton different?

A: Well, actually we are not marketing to speculative investors. Our developer is acutely aware of all the other luxury properties that have sold to investors, some as much as 100 percent. With that model you create lots of renters which can lead to a building remaining partially uninhabited. The vision for One Dalton is to be a lively, engaging building, where owners actually live, that offers the level of privacy residents desire.

This is the first building of this caliber and stature in Boston; therefore, it has been a very attractive option for Bostonians looking to downsize from their suburban homes and industry leaders who want to be in the city. The attraction for the international elite is to have a place close to the universities and world-class hospitals. Regardless of the reason, One Dalton offers what everyone wants—a service-rich lifestyle, and the highest quality physical product.

Q: With all the luxury high-rises coming on line in downtown, what amenities do you see separating this Four Seasons property from the rest?

A: The fact that this is a Four Seasons property is the major differentiator and appeal to our buyer. The idea that you can live in a 5-star property where the details of daily life are attended to by a professionally trained staff is the key. For example, there is everything from 24-hour security, to valet service, and around the clock maintenance service. Everything you need for fitness, dining, and entertaining is at One Dalton.

Our buyer wants the services, options, and consistency that are the essence of Four Seasons. That was the plan for this project. And I credit Dick Friedman of Carpenter & Company for his vision. Not only does he know what our buyers want, but as a member of the Four Seasons Board, he is an integral part of upholding the Five-Star designation.

Q: Four Seasons is a renowned luxury brand known around the world, and with One Dalton, Boston will join a small number of preeminent cities with two Four Seasons hotels—including Manhattan, London, Shanghai, and Dubai, to name a few. Why is this important?

A: Four Seasons has two hotels in one city, only in the most important markets. Here in Boston, One Dalton will enhance the very successful existing location currently overlooking the Public Garden. These two hotels will be complementary to one another, and strengthen the brand in Boston.

Q: What is new at One Dalton that sets the project apart in terms of architecture, design, and environmental responsibility?

A: Well, first of all we have a world renowned, award-winning team thanks to Carpenter & Co., the city’s preeminent developer bringing us together. This includes Architect Henry N. Cobb of Pei, Cobb Freed & Partners; Cambridge Seven Associates; international designer Thierry Despont, interior designer Bill Rooney, and landscape architect Michael Van Valkenburgh. They’ve given me a great story to tell.

One architectural aspect in particular that has had enormous appeal is the elimination of the long, visually sterile hallways that are typical in the glass box high rise.

One Dalton’s unique shape presents as a small footprint, and its ingenious design allows for a choice of direct elevator access or no more than one adjacent neighbor. The end result is a more intimate living experience that also affords magnificent views.

Q: One Dalton is in the heart of the Back Bay, steps from art galleries, shopping, and a plethora of dining and entertainment experiences as well as world-class hospitals and educational institutions. How do you see these offerings fitting the lifestyle preferences of our residents?

A: Having all of this within walking distance is a huge selling point. Whether our buyer is downsizing from the suburbs or moving from within the city, this is the definition of their lifestyle. If you’re coming in from the suburbs, it’s because you want all of this in your daily life without complication. If you’ve been living here and taking advantage of it, One Dalton enhances the whole experience ten-fold.

Q: One Dalton has raised the bar on excellence in architecture, resident services, and environmental responsibility. How do you see these innovations altering the face of Boston’s residential real estate scene?

A: It’s changing the skyline of the city for the better—it’s a magnificent architectural bookend. Both locally and internationally, it’s shining a light on Boston, enhancing its appeal.

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