Rising News


One Dalton is achieving notable
construction milestones by using
innovative design as well as
advancements in technology
and fabrication methods.

The building is rising quickly now that
the belt truss, a key stabilizing
structural element for the building, is
complete. The 26th floor has been poured
and One Dalton will soon be
appearing in the skyline.

The accuracy of the building’s vertical
alignment, critical for a building of this
height, is monitored by the same
equipment used on the Freedom Tower in
New York City as well as famous
skyscraper buildings in the Middle East.

The windows are made of
insulated prismatic glass specifically
and uniquely configured for One Dalton.
Each insulated glass unit incorporates
glass products sourced from two
continents and three countries and were
chosen for their specific character and
high performance rating.
Spanning a monumental size of
5 to 7 feet, the floor-to-ceiling
glass provides sweeping,
panoramic views from each residence.

Experience the rise of this masterpiece.
We will walk you through the building
for an exclusive insider view. Tours will
be held on select Sundays from 10am
to 12pm. Contact the Gallery at
617.502.3700 for exact dates and
to reserve your spot.

(Must be 18 years or older).






Mark Sullivan, former head of the United States Secret Service,
is leading the team developing a cutting-edge security plan for
One Dalton, Boston’s tallest residential building.


"One Dalton is one of a few
elite buildings worldwide to
embrace change and incorporate
technology that will provide the
best life for its hotel guests and
residents. This is a remarkable
and intelligent investment for a
residential development"


- Mark Sullivan
former Director of the United
States Secret Service